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 Hello and welcome to Japanation, home to info on some of the greatest animes of all time. We also have simpsons stuff...[I hope] 

Hiya! If you came here from a guestbook link, or something like that, from Animeniac, that's me - HI!!! Thanks for comin on the site.Pllleeeaaaseee check back for updates!!! =^..^= )



Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Flames? (We wont nessessarily do anything about your flames, but we'll hear you out, just for the hell of it.) Just check out the site, OK?

And don't forget! Email us at japanation@zoomshare.com WE NEED HITS!!! PLEASE!!! WE BEG OF YOU!!!!!!! There's a counter, so you know we need them!! Ahem. i'll just stop now... 

This is Motoko. I will type in a kinda bloo-purple. Oh. And I can spell blue, I just choose not to.

 Hello, this is none other than Animeniac.  My trademark colour is this colour - purple. (just to all you colour blind dudes/dudettes out there.) So, anything in purple - it's yours truly talking.

Hey, its Motoko, I've been doing SERIOUS updates, we now have a forum, a Live Chat thing, a MINI POLL, a Guestbook which you must sign, a mailing list so you can have round the month news. Amazing. Be grateful people, GRATEFUL!

 OH! Almost forgot! DISCLAIMER: We do not own any of the animes featured on this site. They are works of Akiriya Toriyama (Cue holy light) FUNimation (cue evil darkness - they dubbed DBZ!!!!!!) And Bird Studios (Cue umm... I dunno. I have no idea who/what this is) and TokyoPop ( just because we like them) and Toei Animation ltd. (they produced One Piece! i think so any way...) and etc.



Some fanfic words, to do with fanfics and stuff. Duh.

 FF = My shortening for fanfics.

 R&R = Read and Review. Many authors will ask you to do this. Some dont even mind flames!

 Flames = Basically where you lower a poor soul's self esteem by telling them their fic sucked. Not nice. Hilarious. (Well, i think it's funny when ppl flame you. It shows that they're jealous.) But not not nice.

 A/U = Alternate universe. Obviously to tell you if the fic is set in an alternate universe.

 OOC = Out Of Character. If someone in a fic acts like/says something they wouldn't normally do/say.

 POV = Point Of View. If something is written from a person's POV, it is written from their point of view.

Fanon = elements which are not in the official canon of a fictional world but are widely believed to be or treated as if they were canonical. (Well, that's one way of putting it...In other words, a popular theory, that isn't in the anime series. I think...)

Canon = the body of works that are considered to be "genuine" or "official" within a certain fictional universe.

 Lemon  = A really sick ff with sex and stuff in it. I have read some really sick ones. (purely by accident, I swear!!!) I am traumatised for life. But if you want to read, your loss, not mine. 

 Lime = A milder version of lemon (so I've been told)

 Otaku: Basically, an extremely dedicated fan, usually of anime. Has a bad connotation in Japan, but the 'name' is used with pride in the US and other western countries.

 Thats all I can think of for now. But I promise I'll update it soon!


 Some links that don't fit anywhere else, or there's no room on http://www.japanation.zoomshare.com/2.html (Anime Info) :

 www.freewebs.com/ledastudios (general anime by Leda Chan! Go on this site - it rocks!)

Shrines will also be placed here if I cant be bothered to put them on Anime Info:

http://www.saiyansecrets.cjb.net/ (a shrine to one of the most talked about anime couples EVER, Vegeta and Bulma, from DBZ.)

http://www.angelfire.com/nv/anime7/index.html (General anime, has DBZ, Sailor Moon, Ranma, and others.)

 http://www.angelfire.com/mt/jupiter22/index.html (a Sailor Moon site  I think, with your host, Sailor Jupiter. 

 http://www.nerdtests.com/images/ft/nq.php?val=9621 (I did this test. I am quite nerdy. It was ace.)


Just to start, some ppl don't know what an affilate is. Basically, they're your friends on the Internet. You link each other, help each other out on your sites, and stuff like that. On most websites, you can apply to be an affilate. Including this one. If you want to be an affilate, (we will link you and send you emails, etc.) or if you just want us to link you (make sure you link us back!) email us at the usual address, japanation@zoomshare.com or post an entry on the Blog/G-book. Thnx!


 www.aworldofmagic.zoomshare.com (Motoko's other site, and the one that I do fanwork for! Go on this site, because it's a brilliant Harry Potter site, and because if you don't either me or Motoko will kill you - whoever gets there first. It will probably be me. Evil lol) 

 www.girliegirls.zoomshare.com (Our other friends site. It's got loads of girlie gossip, fashion advice and stuff on it, and even though I'm not into that kind of thing, I still think it's ace! Check it out!)

 www.allgirls.zoomshare.com (My little sister's site. It's about girlie stuff, but she only set it up yesterday, so a better synopsis will be put up soon.)

 www.freewebs.com/vchanman (A shrine to Vegeta! well, OK, it's actually done by me, but please go and check it out. Thanks! I only started it yesterday, 22nd December, but I've got a lot on it already.)







It's a big giant space! YAY!








Novelty Stuff.

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